View of the Delaware Bay from the
                          Bayshore Coastal Heritage Byway

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FILE CABINET: (right click to download)
(chronology of the CMP)

Corridor Management Committee Meetings

CMC  #1:  Visions and Goals ( Oct. 24, 2011)
- Draft Meeting notes (download here)
- Presentation (
view online here)

Public Workshop #1: (Nov. 16-17, 2011)
- Flyer/Mailer (download here  - 1.4mb)  
- Press Release (download here)

FAQ  (link to NJDOT FAQ page)
- Presentation (view show online)
- Meeting Summaries (Drafts)
   • Cumberland County (Nov. 16) - PDF
   • Cape May County (Nov. 17) - PDF
   • Salem County (Nov. 17) - PDF

CMC  #2: Preservation and Conservation (Jan. 19, 2012)
 - Agenda (PDF)
 - Presentation (
view show online)
 - Handouts 
   • Summary of Issues Raised at Public Meetings - PDF
   • Draft Vision and Goals - PDF
   • Institutional Survey (as of 1/19)  - (PDF)
 - Meeting Summary 

CMC #3: Enhancement (Feb. 16, 2012)
- Agenda (PDF)
- Presentation (view show online)
- Handout: Corridor Definition- (PDF)
- Handout: Discussion outline (PDF)
- Meeting Notes (PDF)

CMC #4: Heritage Tourism (March 15, 2012)
- Agenda and discussion outline (PDF)
- Presentation (view show online)
- Handout:  Points of Interest List (PDF)
- Handout: Points of Interest Criteria (PDF)

- Handout: Opportunities Map (revised see CMC #5)
- Meeting Notes (PDF)

CMC  #5: Interpretive Development (April 19, 2012)
- Agenda/Discussion Outline  (PDF)

- Map Handout (revised Opportunities Map) (PDF

- Presentation (view show online)
- Meeting notes (PDF)

CMC #6:  Safety and Signage (May 17, 2012)
- Agenda/Discussion Outline (PDF)

- Draft list of proposed enhancement projects

- Presentation (view online
- Meeting notes (coming soon)

Public Workshop #2: Did we get it right? Review draft plan recommendations at one of the following locations (confirmed - see agenda, right)
June 20, 2012- Cape May County 4-6pm
June 21, 2012 - Cumberland County (2-4pm)
June 21, 2012 - Salem County (7-9pm)
View slide presentation
by clicking here to view it on line.

Draft Management Strategies Table Handed out at Meeting (PDF)

CMC #7: Draft Plan/Implementation  July 19, 2012
- Handout #1 - Management Options (PDF)
- Handout #2 - Draft Plan Comments/Response (PDF)

- Meeting summary (PDF)

Revisions from Draft Plan (from comments received by 10-10-12) (PDF)  posted 11-16-12

Future meeting dates

Fall briefings with County Freeholders (February-March 2013)

Links and Resources

NJDOT Scenic Byway Program Web Site

Bayshore Heritage Byway Official Route Map (2.3mb)

Bayshore Heritage Byway 2009 Byway Nomination Package (Warning:  Large File of 43mb!)

FHWA Scenic Byway Program Web Site

Kresge Foundation - Arts and Community Building Grants due February 1

National Endowment for the Arts:  Our Town - deadline March 1 and Art Works - deadline March 8

ANJEC  2012 Sustainable Land Use Planning Grants, Applications Available, Deadline March 30

NJ Cultural Trust Grants letter of intent due March 29


The Bayshore Heritage Byway Corridor Management Committee (CMC) has completed its final draft corridor management plan (CMP).  The CMC final draft plan (download PDF below) will now be forwarded to each County and Municipal government for their endorsement and to request that the CMP be referenced into County and Municipal plans, especially open space plans to facilitate future funding opportunities.  We are in the process of setting up those meetings.  Meeting times and locations will be posted here and we hope that you wil be able to join us for those briefings.

If you have additional suggestions or ideas for implementing the plan please send
an email to the planning team:  (click here)

Executive Summary(warning large files (5 mb) (PDF) (posted 2-1-13)
Download Full CMC Final Draft Plan (warning large files (21 mb) - PDF (posted 11-26-12)

Appendix 1:   Turn by Turn Travel Directions (PDF)

Appendix 2:   Maps (
11x17-inch approx 1mb  each)
1. Corridor Definition - linkages and sites (PDF)
2. Corridor Definition - viewshed (PDF)
Character Areas Map (PDF)
4. Protected Lands - (PDF)
5. Historic Qualities (PDF)
6. Recreational Qualities (PDF)
7. Getting to the Byway (PDF)
8. Proposed Enhancements (PDF)

9. Visitor Sites and Heritage Tourism Opportunities Map (PDF

Appendix 3:  Visual, Physical and Institutional Surveys)
Character Areas Map (PDF)
Visual Survey Results (PDF)
Physical Survey Summary (PDF) - warning 35mb file with photos
Physical Survey Maps (PDF file - 4.3 mb)
Enhancement Opportunities Map (PDF)
Institutional Survey

Updated Draft as of 2/14/2012 (PDF)

Appendix 4:  Site Inventory
Recreational Site List as of 4/12/2012 (PDF)
Points of Interest List as of 4/12/2012 (

Appendix 5: Highway Safety Analysis Maps/Tables
Updated Drafts as of 4/12/2012 - warning large files (10mb)
Map 1 – Functional Classification (PDF)
Map 2 – Roadway Characteristics (PDF)
Map 3 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities (PDF)
Map 4 – Traffic Volumes (PDF)
Map 5 – Crash History (PDF)
Map 6 – TIP Projects 2008-2012  (PDF)
Table 1 - TIP Projects 2008-2012 (PDF)

Appendix 6:  Wayfinding and Signage (PDF

Appendix 7:  Implementation Table (PDF)
(NEW updated 2-4-13)

Appendix 8: Interpretive Framework (PDF

In 2009, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT) and the byway sponsor, the South Jersey Bayshore Coalition (SJBC), received a grant for the Bayshore Heritage Byway to proceed with the next step following designation
as a state scenic byway: the development of a Corridor Management Plan (CMP). The purpose of the CMP is to help SJBC, NJ DOT, and Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties protect and promote the rich natural and cultural resources found throughout the byway corridor and provide strategies for sustainable tourism development based on that heritage.

The purpose of this web page is to provide easy access to resources, presentations, meeting notes, draft and final reports utilized in the conduct of the study.