Journey Through Hallowed Ground

Byway Management Plan


FINAL PLAN - with final revisions [ November 15, 2008]  (22.7mb)

Appendix 1:  Maps  (UPDATED 11-15-08) 18.3mb

Appendix 2:  Highway Safety Maps (UPDATED 10-29-08) 

Appendix 3:  Heritage Tourism

Site List (UPDATED 10-29-08)

Partnership Letter [contact JTHG Partnership at link below]

Tear Off Map

Appendix 4:  Responsibility Table  (UPDATED 10-29-08)

Appendix 5:  Existing Sign Ordinances as of October 2008 [READ ME FIRST]

Appendix 6:  Best Practices slide show (38mb - big file!!!)
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Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byway Program

JTHG Corridor Management Plan was recently awarded the outstanding private sector planning project for 2008-2009 from the American Planning Association, Virginia Chapter.  Congratulations to all the Partners for a job well done!

Members of the Advisory Committee:
Thank you for all of your efforts helping us complete the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway Management Plan.  The byway was successfully nominated for designation as a National Scenic Byway through the Federal Highway Administration 's Scenic Byway Program.  Congratulations!

To download the final plan, right click and save the files on each of the links in the "file cabinet".  If you have any questions, or need more information please contact:

Shelley Mastran, Project Manager

For a record of what was changed from the Draft Plan please download the matrix of revisions (10-30-08) to the Corridor Management Plan - incorporating responses to all comments received.   Click here for updated matrix!

Additional responses to Map comments updated 11-03-08 (click here)

Please note:   the anchor and secondary site lists were updated at the DMO Committee meeting on 10-16-08 and have been incorporated into the final plan.  Sign ordinances for some Pennsylvania jurisdictions are still in progress.