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                    Spring, Maryland

Maryland Historic National Road

Corridor Plan Update


Original Plan (MDP website)
2001 Atlast of Historic Sites (large PDF file - 7.6mb)


Project Overview and Schedule [pdf] - 
Meeting Agendas and Notes

CAG Meeting #1 - 1/12/11
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- handout (2001 action plans) - PDF
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CAG Meeting #2 (3/22/12) 
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- presentation (view online)
- draft meeting notes (PDF

CAG Meeting #3 (5/24/12)

1 - Recommended Strategies discussion outline (PDF)
2 -  Outline for Model Design Guidelines (PDF
3-  Proposed Case Studies Rationale  (PDF)
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   handout above)
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CAG Conference Call  #3/4  (7/26/12)
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Handout #1 - Recommended Strategies discussion outline (
Handout #2 -  Outline for Model Design Guidelines (PDF

CAG Meeting #5 (TBD)


Maryland Scenic  Byways

Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byway Program

Byway Assessment Tool - alternate link (New)

NEH America's  Historical and Cultural Organizations  
Planning Grants - due January 12, 2012

National Endowment for the Arts:  Our Town - deadline March 1 and Art Works - deadline March 8

Effort under way to restore New Deal murals in Ellicott City

Draft Partnership Plan Update (revised draft)

MHNR Corridor Partnership Plan Advisory Committee


  Download Here (as of 7/31/2013  (NEW)

A revised draft corridor partnership plan update has been developed based on the input provided at the CAG meetings (see handouts and notes at left from previous meetings) and small group meetings with county and municipal representatives throughout the corridor.

The plan responds to the comments provided by County and municipal planners, historic preservation planners,  and tourism leaders throughout the jurisdictions along the Maryland Historic National Road.

Comments or suggestions?  Send  THE PLANNING TEAM an email)

Project Overview
It has been ten years since the Corridor Partnership Plan for Marylandís Historic National Road was completed, unanimously endorsed by its forty-four member advisory committee, and submitted for its successful nomination as an All-American Road through the Federal Highway Administrationís National Scenic Byway Program.

The original plan was developed with the help of a Corridor Advisory Group (CAG).  A new CAG is being formed by bringing together representatives from county and municipal planning and tourism offices, state agencies with management responsibilities along the National Road, and interested civic, environmental, preservation, and business organizations.

The CAG will meet a total of five times throughout the plan update process to address the following
CAG #1:    Discussion of new issues and concerns (January 12th, 2012)
CAG #2:    Conservation and Preservation Priorities (Thurs., March 22nd, 2012)
CAG #3:    Conservation and Preservation Tools (Thurs., May 24, 2012)
CAG #4:    Outline model guidelines and conduct guideline work session (Thurs. July 26, 2012)
CAG #5:    Review and update  action plan and enhancement priorities (Thurs. Sept. 27, 2012)

All meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend. Information about each meeting will be posted to this website.  If you would like to be added to the email list to receive notices about the planning process please contact Tiffany Ahalt, Executive Director for the Maryland National Road Association at the email address below.

For more information please contact:
 Tiffany Ahalt, Executive Director for the Maryland National Road Association
Jim Klein, Principal, Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects
Project Manager