View towards Rappahannock River
                          from New ParkRappahannock Station I and II

Civil War Battlefield Interpretive Plan

Fauquier County, Virginia


Site  Aerial Map (PDF)

Planning Advisory Committee Meetings

PAC #1 - Vision & Goals (1/25/11)
- map handout
- presentation - AC #1
- transcription of vision cards
- meeting summary (draft)

PAC #2 - Interpretation (3/16/11)
- meeting summary (draft) - 
- Upper Rappahannock River Front: The Dare Mark  Line by Clark B. Hall - 

PAC #3 - Preservation and Management (May 2011)
- meeting summary (pdf)

PAC #4 - Design Alternatives (June 28, 2011)

Public Workshop (April 17, 2012)
- meeting handout (PDF 2.2 mb)
- presentation (
view online here)

PAC #5 - Impplementation
- meeting summary  (PDF)

Recommended Plan - 
 - Park and Rec Board Draft (PDF)
- Appendix 1:  -
Front: The Dare Mark  Line by Clark B. Hall
- Appendix 2:  Conservation Easement

Links and Resources

American Battlefield Protection Program

- Rappahannock Station I (1862)

- Rappahannock Station II (1863)


Fauquier County Parks and Recreation

Fauquier County Department of Community Development - Historic Resources

UPDATE:  PLAN STATUS as of May 17, 2013

The Park and Recreation Board approved the committee draft at their November 7th meeting without changes.  The final draft is now under review by the American Battlefield Protection Program.


Fauquier County is in the process of preparing an implementable interpretive park plan and conceptual park site plan for 26 acres of publicly-owned land along the Rappahannock River located within
the Rappahannock Station and Rappahannock II core Civil War battlefields. Fauquier County Department of Parks and Recreation and its community partners seek to develop a historically and environmentally sensitive river access plan meeting local recreational needs and cultural tourism goals. The planning process will involve and educate the local community regarding the ecological and historical significance of this site. 

The purpose of this web page is to provide easy access to resources, presentations, draft and final reports utilzied in the conduct of the study.