Town of Brookeville, Maryland Comprehensive Plan Update

to Transportation, Pedestrian Networks & Streetscaping Elements

Project Overview

With completion of the Brookeville Bypass in summer of 2021 and the reduction of traffic through Town by 10,000 trips per day, the Town of Brookeville is ready to explore opportunities for more complete streets that will better meet the needs of all users in a safe and historically appropriate manner—turning what was a high volume/high speed road corridor back into a street for people and placemaking. 


The Town needs your help over the next several months to create a long-term vision with a prioritized approach to the Town’s transportation-related capital improvement efforts which will be built out over the next ten to fifteen years. The resulting Comprehensive Plan Update will be used to help raise additional outside funding for the identified priorities.


Updating the Transportation, Pedestrian Networks & Streetscaping Elements of the Comprehensive Plan 


The Town of Brookeville is looking to update the “Transportation, Pedestrian Networks & Streetscaping Elements” of its Comprehensive Plan. They have retained Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects to help them with the update.  Conducting this study requires enthusiastic outreach to town leadership, neighbors, Montgomery County staff, and representatives, as well as the provision of means for all parties to articulate ideas, generate goals, and spell-out their desired outcomes for the plan.  With this in mind, Town representatives will conduct four informal working sessions with their planning consultant to develop the plan.  The Town will also sponsor two virtual public workshops to provide additional opportunities for community members and interested stakeholders:  a community visioning meeting and a community-based planning workshop to ensure that the plan, as it develops, is consistent with public vision, goals, and values.  

File Cabinet 

Use the following links for easy access to project resources, maps, presentations, meeting notes, draft and final reports utilized in the conduct of study. (Click on LINKS  below to download files.)


Public Meeting #1: 

May 12, 2021 7 PM

Please send us an email if you would like to attend this virtual meeting, and we will send you a Zoom invitation:

Share your Ideas!

Use this story map to connect with us and share your ideas.


Help us better understand how you use our streets and public areas today, and share some ideas for future uses and opportunities.

Existing Conditions Story Map Tour

If you want to reference a specific place for your idea or suggestions, use this story map tour to review existing conditions along the roadways.  Consider taking a screen shot or simply reference the photo number in your comment.

Interactive Map

Add comments to this interactive map application. You have the option to upload photos or images if there is a particular location or idea that you would like to share.

Do you have a suggestion or idea? 

(Click here to send an email to the planning team.)

Work Session #1: Kickoff and Tour

April 1, 2021


Meeting Notes (forthcoming)


Town Comprehensive Plan

Town of Brookeville Website

Anticipated Schedule                         


  • Kickoff Tour with Planning Commission

  • Preliminary Vision and Goals 



  • Public Visioning Session (Virtual)



  • Develop ideas into specific goals and strategies (preliminary plan)

  • Community Planning Workshop (Virtual)                                                                    


  • Draft Plan and Implementation Priorities

  • Review and Revise Plan                                             


April 1, 2021                           



May 12, 2021









Photograph of the Valley Mill House on an early spring day.

Valley Mill House, Brookeville, MD