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City of Alexandria
Open Space Master Plan 2017
Updated Implementation Strategy

Lardner/Klein was selected as project director for the City of Alexandria’s Open Space Master Plan 2017 Updated Implementation Strategy.  The plan addresses the ongoing pressure to provide protected open space in a growing community and recognizes the City’s successes to date and the challenges inherent in continuing such successes.


Working from the 2002 Open Space Master Plan recommendations, this

implementation strategy makes recommendations for the next ten years with actions in support of

the City’s desire to maintain appropriate acres of protected open space for its residents.

These actions include a focus on data collection and analysis, policy, and opportunities to form and support innovative partnerships between public and private sectors. The recommended strategies and actions in this Update support the fifteen goals established in the 2002 City of Alexandria Open Space Master Plan.


Work to update the strategy plan in 2016 included verifying easement recordations, updating GIS mapping and acreage counts, defining active and passive open space uses, defining and mapping impervious surfaces found in the City’s protected open space, performing a Strengths,

Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis, and combining these efforts into a set of recommendations for implementation over the next decade.

The plan was adopted in February 2017. A copy of the plan can be viewed from the City of Alexandria's website by clicking here

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