Urban/Community Design

Communities where we work attest to our ability to understand and convey the values they hold dear.  We understand how development controls can be shaped to result in creative, sustainable, and resilient environments that may be transformed over time incrementally.  Working together, L/KLA identifies the spirit of the place and frames it with the community's vision to develop plans and places that can be financed, implemented and cared for by the community, often with limited access to funding sources.


We have written design guidelines and standards for urban, suburban and commercial corridors; for management of rural and culturally rich landscapes; for off-road bike trails and wild lands; and for homeowners' associations and single properties. Most all of the firm’s work incorporates a lively and rich public engagement process, resulting in a product that belongs to the community and is not a 'style sheet' plopped in place.

Watkins Regional Park Master Park Development Plan

Prince George's County, Maryland


Community Resiliency Planning

The following projects reflect our work with traditional maritime communities seeking to preserve their working waterfronts while at the same time adapting to rapidly changing conditions associated with climate change, sea-level rise, and the maritime industry.



Urban and Community Design


Public Participation and Involvement

  • Simsbury Center Design Charrette and Concept Plan

  • Chincoteague Revitalization Plan

Neighborhoods and Community Associations

  • Cardinal Forest Homeowners Association

  • River Bluffs Community Entrance

  • Penderbrook Master Plan

Streetscape/Community Entrances/Commercial Corridors

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