City of Bowie Trails Master Plan Update
Bowie, MD

The City of Bowie, Maryland is blessed with many small segments of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, but they lack an identifiable network with a strong community image.  The City of Bowie’s 2016 Sustainability Plan targeted two specific goals for improving the City’s walkability and expanding existing trails for biking, hiking and family walks into a safe interconnected network.


The City funded an update to the Trails Master Plan to address these goals and to set new priorities for future capital improvement projects to help achieve the goals. Updating the City Trails Master Plan presented an opportunity to address current issues and the needs of the trail system’s users.

The Trails Plan Update was conducted over an eight-month process that

included a community survey and two trails planning workshops that formed the basis for the draft plan.  The resulting document includes the network goals and priorities, gap analysis, alternatives evaluation, trail network recommendations and trail design recommendations, as well as guidance on implementation and funding.

The plan was approved in September of 2019.

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