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Beaverdam Reservoir Trail Assessment Loudoun County, VA

L/KLA and Robert Fina prepared an assessment and recommendations for the establishment of a sustainable perimeter trail and related linkages around Beaverdam Reservoir. The analysis includes:

  • A summary of existing conditions gathered from existing and readily available GIS data 

  • Discussion of trail design considerations and potential treatments for existing trails as well as realignments of existing trails as flagged in the field

  • Confirmation of planned structures (armored stream crossings, bottomless culverts, small bridges (less than 12’) and large bridges)

  • Recommendations for engineered trail surfaces (crushed stone/stone dust, soil stabilizers such as resin-based polymers, permeable asphalt pavement systems) and realignment projects needed to establish a more sustainable trail around the perimeter of Beaverdam Reservoir

  • Realignments shift the trail to achieve better crossing points in the bottomland areas, avoid fall line alignment and trail grades greater than 5%

  • Alignments that take better advantage of landform and views to the water to create a more immersive natural experience and address the desire lines of users in a more sustainable manner

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