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Bull Run Occoquan Trail
Fairfax County, VA

L/KLA is serving as the prime contractor leading a multi-disciplined team for the development of a trail inventory, assessment, and final design recommendations to address ongoing maintenance and sustainability issues funded through the federal Recreational Trails Program (NOVA Parks). The project consists of the realignment of approximately nine thousand five hundred linear feet of new natural surface single track trail with an optimal width of 4’ with a 3’ minimum where tree preservation or side slope constraints need to be addressed.

The trail is designated for multiple uses where permitted. Mountain bicycle use is prohibited north of Old Yates Ford Road. Equestrian use is permitted. The expected finished condition is “Trail Class 3 (Developed)” in the US ForestService Trail Class matrix and “More Difficult (Blue Square)” in the IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System. The analysis included:

  • A summary of existing conditions gathered from existing and readily available GIS data

  • An assessment of trail design considerations and potential

treatments and structures for each head slope, v-shaped channel and perennial stream crossing for use in confirming the preliminary design alignment as flagged in the field and a preliminary opinion of probable cost (order of magnitude)
• The development of final design and construction drawings for the proposed trail alignment​

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