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East Peoria Riverfront Trail
Corridor Plan and Feasibility Study

The study efforts focused on East Peoria to leverage the pedestrian and bicycle accommodations included with two capital projects:

  • McClugage Bridge Project includes a multi-use pathway (completion, 2023). 

  • Bob Michel Bridge Project includes a barrier-protected pedestrian and bicycle pathway as part of overall improvements slated to occur between state fiscal years 2021 and 2025.  

While a riverfront trail alignment is the long-term goal, the planning concepts under consideration include short- and mid-term actions for increasing access to the riverfront, improving pedestrian and bicycle connectivity along North Main, and linkages from the Fondulac/Highview corridor and Illinois Central College. 

A planning committee advised the City of East Peoria and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission provided input and reviewed the study recommendations.

The planned riverfront trail network will be built over time. Trail development is coordinated with the completion of the bridge trail sections over the McClugage Bridge (opening 2023) and the Bob Michel Bridge. The Bob Michel Bridge includes pedestrian and bicycle facilities built in conjunction with work on the bridge deck overlay, joint replacement and navigation lighting repairs slated for the state fiscal years 2021 - 2025. Riverfront trail segments can be built as properties are redeveloped or easements agreed upon. 

In the near term, the North Main Alignment will be implemented to link the McClugage Bridge with the Bob Michel Bridge using adjoining access roads and by making pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements at existing North Main intersections.  As a key subconsultant, Farnsworth Group provided engineering expertise to evaluate the feasibility of a trail crossing at the intersection of Main Street and Marina Park Road to access the college. Two potential crossing types were evaluated: an at-grade crossing and an overhead pedestrian bridge crossing.


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