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Intelligence Community Campus Bethesda, Maryland

As a project subconsultant, L/KLA developed the integrated campus landscape architecture plan and a signature entry design for the multi-year redevelopment of the historic, 30-acre campus in Bethesda, MD. The team composed work from multiple, ongoing SATOCC Building Task Orders into a comprehensive long-term campus redevelopment plan that recognizes operational budget limitations and is considerate of the capital program. 

Planning efforts included the integration of historical building friezes removed during demolition, presentations to and interactions with the neighboring community and the successful incorporation of security and accessibility constraints. The multi-phase implementation strategy is integrated with the multi-year campus building program. Elisabeth Lardner was recognized as a key team leader and “go-to” consultant; entrusted with primary client liaison during regulatory reviews, community design development meetings and owner/client design reviews.

The Potomac River palisade setting is reflected in the concept plan which integrates landscape amenities with stormwater management best practices, incorporating the working landscape with the aesthetic landscape. It presents a coherent, attractive, aesthetically pleasing and engaging campus environment respectful of operational needs and secure space requirements.

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Ribbon Cutting in 2015

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