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Maple Avenue Commercial Code Update
Vienna, VA

L/KLA was the prime contractor for assisting the Town of Vienna in articulating their vision for their commercial corridor and then updating the zoning code to reflect that vision. Team members Clarion and Seth Harry & Associates supported the work effort through code authoring and illustrative and development analysis.


Vienna’s commercial corridor runs more than a mile through the heart of the community in a typical strip retail/commercial pattern. With the new Metro stations coming to nearby Tysons, the Town Council embarked on a long delayed update to their commercial code with the intent of encouraging taller buildings in a more urban, pedestrian supportive environment.



Premised on the understanding that change will occur as Tysons to the town’s east and Reston to the town’s west grow, the effort asked the community how they wished to address and shape that change to benefit the Town of Vienna. Several existing sites were selected for a capacity analysis (see illustrations), demonstrating what changes could occur and what infrastructure such as structured parking would be required to support the change. From this exercise, Steering Committee members were better able to understand the potential change and to offer ideas of how best to shape it. Desires ranged from better building modulation to support for pedestrian gathering spaces to bicycle parking and interest in bioinfiltration and other green building techniques.


Team members worked for over two years with a Mayor-appointed Steering Committee. Many public forums and hearings were held that shaped the final proposal, adopted by the Town Council with a 6-1 vote in September 2014.

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