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Port Deposit Working Waterfront
Master Plan, Cecil County, MD

A historic port town on the Susquehanna River, Port Deposit’s waterfront has been home to many different maritime industrial uses over the ensuing decades up until the 1980s. Since then, the Town has been working to revitalize its waterfront and expand public waterfront access, while addressing one of its biggest challenges— tidal flooding from the Susquehanna River and opening of the Conowingo Dam flood gates coupled with stormwater runoff from adjoining hillsides.

Through a collaborative public process that included a Town- appointed waterfront committee, a


public brainstorming session and a community design workshop, four goals emerged that capture the range of ideas that moved forward throughout the planning process:

  • Increase economic activity in the Town using community-based assets and cooperative regional marketing

  • Improve safety and convenience of linkages between the Town and Waterfront

  • Enhance shoreline access and circulation

  • Enhance appearance of public areas

Increasing the resiliency of the waterfront areas also emerged as a common theme. Design concepts were developed for waterfront areas that were needed to adapt features to more frequent flooding while continuing to provide access to waterfront features.

The master plan was completed in September, 2018.

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