Port Tobacco Courthouse
Preliminary Design
Charles County, Maryland

L/KLA worked with Charles County, the Town of Port Tobacco (population 15) and key stakeholders to prepare a preliminary design that expands the capacity of the site to accommodate visitors while respecting the rights and privacy of individual property owners. The preliminary design addressed the following key program elements:

  • Historical context of the village, once a bustling port along the Tobacco River and now a site rich in archaeological resources


  • Expanding parking capacity utilizing permeable and/or turf pavers while avoiding archaeological sites

  • Developing a village interpretive walk to tell the story of the once bustling town utilizing the original footprints of former building sites and historic photographs

  • A landscape plan that captures the historic character of the town and hits heritage as a once bustling port

  • Developing a signage plan for a family of five sign types (entry, orientation, wayside exhibits, historic markers, and regulatory signs

  • Developing new sanitary facilities that do not rely on existing septic tank drainfields (architecturally appropriate portable facilities or composting toilet)

  • A phasing plan that illustrates how the projects can be build out over time

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