Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan, Talbot County, MD

Rock Hall’s waterfront is a treasured place in the hearts and minds of many residents and visitors to the area. Many have spent most of their lives there, working the water to make a living. Others know it for the famous Fourth of July fireworks, its Pirates and Wenches Weekend and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The purpose of the Town of Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan is to help guide future changes to enhance


waterfront areas while maintaining the strong sense of place that makes Rock Hall’s waterfront unique and special.


The plan focuses on the currently zoned Maritime Water Dependent (MWD) and Maritime Commercial (MC) districts located roughly between Walnut Street and Chesapeake Avenue. The plan also addresses the linkages to and from Rock Hall’s Main Street and other nearby attractions and services.

The overall goals of this grant-funded project were:

  • To develop strategies (Action Plan) for the retention and expansion of water-dependent businesses;

  • To identify options for expanding waterfront access to working watermen, visitors and Town residents alike; and

  • To evaluate the compatibility and suitability of existing and proposed land uses, infrastructure, facilities and services.

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Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan

(February 2017)

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