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Tilghman Village Master Plan,
Talbot County, Maryland

Talbot County’s Comprehensive Plan Development and Growth Sector Planning Policies called for master plans that describe each village’s character and evaluate the compatibility and suitability of existing and proposed land uses, infrastructure, facilities and services associated with development–mostly infill and redevelopment–within each village. The planning department utilized funding from Maryland DNR’s Working Waterfront Enhancement Grants to support the village master plans for two villages–Bellevue and Tilghman. 


The DNR program funds localplanning assistance to support traditional maritime uses and the protection of property for public access and maritime-related services, but it also supports the exploration of opportunities for maritime heritagetourism, recreation, natural resources conservation and hazard mitigation within the traditional culture of the historic community.


Tilghman’s maritime businesses were specifically called out in the development of the program as one of the areas in greatest need for access to working waterfront assets. 


The Tilghman Plan focuses on finding ways to support those businesses as an integral part of the village life. Those who live, work or spend leisure time in Tilghman appreciate its authenticity and diversity along with its strong community values and character. However, there are often-competing interests between working watermen and tourism-dependent private marinas, or between long-time residents, newcomers, and weekend visitors. The purpose of the Tilghman Village Master Plan is to balance these interests for the betterment and long-term viability of the community as a whole.

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Tilghman Village Master Plan

(September 2017)

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