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Upperville Park
Concept Plan + Playground
Uppervillle, VA

L/KLA updated a conceptual master
plan for the Upperville Community
Park. The concept plan addressed
the following key program elements:

  • Historical context of the Upperville battlefield is taken into consideration, as views from the park toward battlefield lands are preserved and existing battlefield interpretive panels and integrated with the design of a pergola to create more of a space for appreciating the battlefield views

  • Materials and construction practices are proposed that are in keeping with the styles and vernacular of Upperville and applied for all park structures.

  • An accessible pedestrian path links the existing interpretive signs and proposed shade pergola to the proposed parking area and restrooms.

  • A parking area with permeable pavers or other porous pavement options is proposed to reduce runoff and address

  • New features include architecturally appropriate structures for a picnic pavilion and to house portable restrooms

  • A nature playground incorporating black locust (Robinia) play components include a swing set, slide,climbing structure, and Robinia log obstacle course. 

Nature playgrounds are intended to
encourage imaginative play and
blend with a natural setting, as
is appropriate at this historical
site. Shade from the existing
trees and the pastoral view
south makes for a pleasant
playground and picnic setting.
Driplines of trees were avoided, as
this concept takes tree
preservation into consideration,
with the maximum quantity of
existing trees to be preserved.

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