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Van Dyck Park Master Plan 
City of Fairfax, Virginia

Van Dyck Park is the crown jewel park in the City of Fairfax, Virginia. It is one of its most frequently visited community parks and is the premier park site in the city.


The park’s combined three parcels total approximately 36 acres and include wooded natural areas and stream corridor, athletic fields, grassy open spaces with varied topography, trails, picnic areas and picnic shelters, a skatepark, parking, a community center, and police station.


The master plan provides the city with a road map for incorporating and implementing necessary infrastructure improvements, while allowing the city to better accommodate the current and future use of the park by the general public. It will strengthen the role of the park as a community asset, a place that serves as the communal living room and backyard for the residents of the City of Fairfax.


The plan was adopted in June 2018.

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