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Cameron County Dark Sky Park Master Site Plan


The Cameron County Dark Sky Park Master Site Plan represents the revitalization of a reclaimed landfill not far from Emporium, Pennsylvania. A grant for developing planning strategies for county-owned land has been awarded to the Lumber Heritage Region and Cameron County for enhancing public access to the site. 


Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has granted permission for limited development of the property, with minor stipulations aimed to protect and maintain the integrity of the underlying landfill. 

This project is expected to serve Cameron County residents for nature-based recreation and education, and as a draw for eco-tourism, attracting night-sky and wildlife-viewing enthusiasts to the region.

Consideration is being given to pursuing an International Dark Sky Place certification from the DarkSky International. Currently, the nearby Cherry Springs State Park holds the only Dark Sky Place certificate in Pennsylvania. 

This project is sponsored by the Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) and Cameron County, funded in part by a grant from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program and the Heritage Areas Program under the administration of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation.


The master site planning process includes research, public input, and analysis that leads to a plan illustrating the size, type and location of physical improvements and management needs for Cameron County’s Dark Sky Park.  As part of this process Cameron County has formed a Dark Sky Committee to help gather public input and establish  priorities for specific improvements that are needed to support the use of site for dark sky viewing and education as well as compatible daytime uses. Three public meetings are anticipated.  The tentative schedule is noted in the "file cabinet” where information will be added about each step in the planning process as they proceed.

The purpose of this web page is to provide easy access to resources, presentations, meeting notes, draft and final reports utilized in the conduct of study.

Do you have a suggestion or idea? Send an email to the planning team: (click here)



Initial Field Work/Site Research:

April/May 2024


Dark Sky Committee Meeting #1
April 9 2024


Public Meeting #1

June 6, 2024

  • What are the overall goals for the Dark Sky Park?

  • How should the Dark Sky Park be utilized?

  • What are compatible daytime activities?

  • What are the issues and concerns that need to be addressed?

Public Meeting Information

Cameron County Dark Sky Park Location

Display Boards


Slide Presentation

Dark Sky Committee Meeting #2
August 2024

  • Review options and alternatives

Dark Sky Committee Meeting #3
September 2024

  • Discuss management and phasing considerations

Public Meeting #2
October 2024

  • Review draft master site plan and provide input on priorities for implementation

PRESENTATION, to be provided

DRAFT MATERIALS, to be provided

Dark Sky Committee Meeting #4
November 2024

  • Review plan and finalize phasing and implementation recommendations

Public Meeting/Cameron County Commissioners/Lumber Heritage Region Board
April 9 2024

  • Plan approval and all final revisions

PRESENTATION, to be provided

MASTER SITE PLAN, to be provided

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